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Having been in consulting since January 2017, I've interviewed for multiple recruitment rounds at Teneo Consulting (formerly Credo Consulting). I've conducted CV screening, competency and case study interviews for prospective graduates and interns. If you're looking to join as a fresh grad at top consultancies, I'm the right person for you.


My approach: finding the path to secure your dream career

1. Identify the right approach based on your application status and aims, personal background and case experience

2. Design sessions based on your short and long term plans, focusing either on pre- or post- first round material

3. Build an in-depth understanding of interviewer requirements, case types and interview types

4. Develop your skills to distinguish you from other applicants

5. Simulate a full assessment day with other interviewers

Through this process, you'll become familiar with every aspect of an application, starting from the first words you put on your CV, to the variety of interviews out there, even to the stress you'd feel sitting in front of a panel of interviewers or presenting in an unusual format. 


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