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Recruiting is tough. Stressful. I've been there myself. 4 years ago, I decided to apply for top management consulting firms and was fortunate to interview at all three MBBs, with just two-three weeks worth of prep under my belt. It's tough, but very doable with the right coaching. 

When we start coaching, my goal is not simply to provide you with a good one-hour training for consulting interviews. My goal is that you succeed, whatever your specific goal in consulting is. As a consequence:

  • We won't be time-constrained by the traditional one-hour class. Our session will last untill you have satisfied all your questions and have received a complete written feedback on your performance.
  • If you have a last-minute interview (less than 3 days before we talk) I will provide you my personal number and will be available for you over the phone for last minute doubts after the session, free of charge.
  • I will be available by email for additional tips and material, until you have actually achieved your goal and joined your desired consulting firm.

What we will cover in a class

  • Full practice with a mock interview, either interviewee or interviewer led, according to the company you are applying for
  • Mistakes cleaning: the 2 major mistakes people do and how to avoid them
  • Detailed feedback on your performance for 3 areas (fit, case and communication) and the exact steps to avoid to repeat the mistakes again
  • Review of the basics: 7 most common fit questions, 4 most common structures you will need
  • Easy trick to present your structure so that it can always fit the case
  • Differences between interviews at McKinsey, Bain, BCG


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