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Specialist - Oil & Gas - Petroleum Asset eXcellence (PAX) Interview

Mohamed fragte am 9. Feb 2018 - 3 Antworten
Looking for solid partners. Currently preparing for McK interviews.

Hi guys,

I applied to the position of "Specialist - Oil & Gas - Petroleum Asset eXcellence (PAX)" and I am waiting for a feedback about an interview. For this kind of positions, do I have to prepare in the same sequence mentioned here or by Victor Cheng, or it may differ?

Hello Mohamed, I was wondering whether you will be able to share any feedback as I too am looking to apply this exact same role. Any tips or shares on your experience will be greatly appreciated. Many thanks, — Odette am 4. Dez 2019

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antwortete am 11. Feb 2018
Former BCG decision round interviewer with 300+ real interviews in 8 years
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Since I've never heard of this, I reached out to a friend of mine who works in Houston for McKinsey, which I believe is your target consulting company.

Contrary to what indicated in other answers here, he said that this is a technical role that is different from the general consulting role and therefore questions will be mostly technical and on market/industry knowledge. Therefore not case interview as much.

That said, this is second hand knowledge and from only one source, so would verify it (I will follow up to this if I hear from someone else)

Hope it helps,


antwortete am 10. Feb 2018
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Interviews will be similar to the generalist interviews:

  • All experts interviews have a mix of industry / non-industry cases
  • Industry specific questions on the interview. Although they never go too deep
  • Standard FIT interviews

For the industry expertise, I recommend you to find the industry POVs on the McKinsey web-site. You'll get a great perspective on what McKinsey is thinking about various industry issues. You should know the main metrics, benchmarks, and numbers in your country


Thanks for the precious information. — Mohamed am 10. Feb 2018

Content Creator
antwortete am 10. Feb 2018
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Hi Mohamed,

as mentioned by Vlad, industry-specific first round interviews will not be particularly different compared to the generic first round interview. The main difference is that you will get cases related to the industry you are applying for; however, you will also get other types as well.

In the final round sometimes you go deeper in one specific industry topic with a partner – the more experience you have, the more likely is that it will happen.


Thank a lot, Francesco. — Mohamed am 10. Feb 2018

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