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Tiers 2 consulting moving to other consulting companies (MBB and tiers 2)

Dear Preplounge community,

I would like to know between Simon Kutcher and Strategy&, which one is the best?

Best regards,


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S& is a solid tier 2 firm ranked just below MBB while SKP is a boutique with a specialization in pricing. They're 2 very different kind of firms, with very different types of projects, prestige, exits and pay. S& is a global firm that will pay significantly more and have a much wider range of projects available to choose from, but will also have longer and more rigorous hours. SKP will have better WLB and they're considered one of the top firms in pricing strategy, but they're relatively unknown otherwise. 


I would choose S& unless you're interested in specializing in pricing strategy right off the bat, or WLB is the most important priority for you. S& comes out on top in every other area, at least in the USA (and probably a lot of other markets).

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Hi Mia,

Try to use an objective-driven approach and a framework to answer this question for yourself :)

It sounds like you're asking about brand solely (which should not be your only consideration btw), in which case Strategy& is the stronger generalist strategy consulting brand.

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Questions to your question ;)

  • Better in which field? In which industry?
  • Which geography are you looking into?



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Mia am 24. Nov. 2021

Paris office If I join Strategy&, probably generalist practice and SKP also

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Strategy& is very good in some countries (I believe in the US and UK). In other, it is just a Big4 consulting arm using a more prestigious brand but sometimes even with common staffing with the rest of PwC Consulting service line. This means there's an inconsistent brand and employee experience. Also not a lot of international integration given how PwC is organized (so once again, it's really about the reality of that specific country). My perception here. You really have to do your research to know the reality of Paris office.

I don't really know Simon Kutcher, but the downside there is that you'll focus on a very narrow set of project types. If you like it and want to focus on that, it is actually great (you don't know what you'll get in PwC). If you realize you don't like pricing … then you have a problem. The positive would be to have a more consistent experience and international integration in a boutique (vs. a Big4 strategy arm).

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