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Anonym A fragte am 1. Juli 2019

I intend to apply for BCG/Mckinsey in London

Bachelor graduate from German business school and work since Spring 2018 for a Malaysian based PE in Mumbai, India. Most of my colleagues are ex-BCG and I have received two referrals that are now passed onto Senior Partners in London.

In Germany, the attention given towards grades is quite high. Since my undergrad grades are certainly not representing the standards set by the majority of applicant and current consultans, I wonder to what extend grades play a role for London. Does the referral and extensive work experience (2.5 years that include M&A and PE) outweigh bad grades?

Also, if anybody could share some insight on the interview process and certain evaluation criteria, that would be very helpful.

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antwortete am 1. Juli 2019
Ex-BCG Project Leader, experienced coach, flexible - always there for frequent informal calls between sessions

Hi Anonymous,

BCG process:

  • First round: Two interviews, standard fit+case
  • Second round: Two interviews with more senior folks, fit+case but slightly less predictable

Evaluation criteria (for cases):

  • Case structure: MECE? Deep enough? (at least 2, but ideally 3-4 levels)
  • Drill down: Systematic? Use of microstructures? Transitions between branches good? Driving the case or following the interviewer?
  • Maths: Accurate? Identified ways to simplify?
  • Creativity: Popcorn thoughts or structured brainstorming? How far can the candidate be stretched? (give me 3 more ideas, give me 2 more ideas etc.)
  • Wrap-up: Ability to concisely summarize the recommendation, 'executive' presence etc.

Happy to chat more - let me know!


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Anonym antwortete am 2. Sept. 2020

Dear A,

Since you have been reffered by a senior partner, you will skip the CV screening, so grades doesn't matter.


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antwortete am 1. Juli 2019
McKinsey / Accenture Alum / Got all BIG3 offers / Harvard Business School


The grades don't matter - you are already referred by the senior partners.


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Ex-BCG Project Leader, experienced coach, flexible - always there for frequent informal calls between sessions
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