Imbellus (disaster/disease management, migration)

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Anonym A fragte am 5. Aug 2021

Hi Experts and fellow candidates,

I've taken and passed imbellus test last year but failed to secure an offer last year. I've re-applied this year and just received an invitation for another imbellus test.


Can any expert share the percentage of coachees that played the disaster/disease management or migration planning game in their imbellus this year instead of the most common ecosystem and plant defense game?

I only played ecosystem and plant defense last year. Does anybody that re-apply this year (i.e. 2nd time doing imbellus, passed previously) comment on if you have different game for your imbellus?

Many thanks!

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antwortete am 6. Aug 2021
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[Thanks Ian for the compliment ;)]

Hi there,

These are the numbers based on the candidates I helped since the beginning of the year who explicitly mentioned the scenarios found:

  1. Ecosystem Management: 100%
  2. Plant Defense: ~85%
  3. Disease Management: ~15%
  4. Others (Disaster, Migration): 0%

Keep in mind that:

- Percentages vary based on the geography (The Disease Management game for example is more common in some specific ones)

- There may be outliers (meaning you may still have the uncommon games in some offices)

- They may reintroduce the uncommon games in the future

If you want to prepare, you can find at the link below the guide I created, including:

  • 8 videos showing how to crack the Ecosystem Game in less than 25 minutes (instead of the recommended 35)
  • The trick to start to build your food chain in the untimed tutorial and the Excel Template to do so
  • PDF guide with all the game scenarios and how to crack each of them

If you have any additional doubts, you can contact me for free and I will reply within 12 hours.

You can download the guide and watch the videos instantly at the link below:


01 McKinsey Problem Solving Game Video - Imbellus Combo Guide.png
McKinsey Imbellus Problem Solving Game - Combo Videos

SPOILER ALERT: the Combo now includes 6 Plant Defense game videos as well (yes it is not official, I told you it was a spoiler;)). When this will be official in a few days, the price will go up to €99, so if you are interested hurry up :)



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Anonym B antwortete am 7. Aug 2021

Better to focus on getting the offer this time than worrying about Imbellus.

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antwortete am 9. Aug 2021
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Hey there,

While there are other games and scenarios, please note that it is still only 100% ecosystem game and plant defense that is being used for evaluation.

All other games are in trial stages and will you might encounter them, they have not been used with any of my candidates (out of more than 3,000 guides sold) for evaluation purposes.



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antwortete am 5. Aug 2021
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I would message Francesco if I were you. He is the king of Imbellus and would have these numbers I imagine :)

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Francesco gab die beste Antwort


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