Do MBBs/management consulting firms have 'Busy/Low' seasons?

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Hi, I am curious, do management consulting fimrs have a 'busy' and 'low' season'? I know for the Big4 firms their busy season is now beginning ahead of tax season in certain countries, but I was curious about management consultancies. In my country we can apply for positions year-round so I'm not so much asking about hiring policies as just general workload and number of projects starting up and being staffed.

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Anonym antwortete am 3. Jan 2019

Absolutely! Demand is often in line with the vacation/holiday preferences in the country (e.g. summer/Christmas = slow in Western Europe). There are even some offices in Scandinavia that close for a whole month during the summer vacations.

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You may be able to apply year round, doesn't mean the interviews & start times won't be clustered around a couple of periods around the year.