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My research has shown that the strategy consulting department at Deloitte is a step higher than the other Big4 firms. In fact, it seems to be getting a lot of comparisons to MBB - essentially as the forgotten, overlooked fourth member.

The truth is usually somewhere in the middle. But I wanted to ask whether there is some merit to this perspective. How does Deloitte differ to MBB? How, if at all, does it differ to the rest of the Big4? And perhaps equally important, is this a geographical trait inherent to just the US, or does it hold among EMEA, too?

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First of all - there is no strategy consulting. MBB is doing all types of projects.

Secondly - I would not agree that Delloite is the best one. Usually, it depends on the office / country. Worldwide - PWC with it's Strategy& is probably the closest one to MBB out of Big4 by many parameters


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