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Land the role

Tailored to your needs & goals
Case & fit practice, CV review
Tips & tricks to land the role
USD 1,045 USD 859

Welcome to land the role! 

We will tailor the sessions to what you need to get prepared to apply and interview for the role. This could include:

  • Application strategising and networking
  • CV and cover letter review
  • Interviewer-led and interviewee-led case practice
  • FIT interview practice

What does my coaching look like?

Application strategising and networking: If you haven't yet applied for a role we can strategise:

  • Which companies and roles to apply for - and which countries to do it in!
  • How to get ‘known’ by the recruiting team to give your application the best chance
  • How to prioritise chance of success vs., interest in the role vs., where you want to live

CV and cover letter review: I've screened hundreds of resumes - we can work together to make sure your CV has the core elements the firms look for on it, and your cover letter tells a coherent and compelling story which will make the firms want to hire you!

Case practice: We'll work together to get you to crack the case through:

  • Learning how to structure the case: I don't believe in learning frameworks (see my blurb above), but I do know that for many people coming to this fresh, a bit of structure can help. I will share my case structure crib-sheet with you - everything you need to know on less than three pages.
  • Practice, practice, practice: I have hundreds of real cases from McKinsey, Bain, BCG, Accenture, Deloitte, Kearney & many more for us to practice with
  • Mental maths: I hate it, many other people hate it - I'll teach you tips and tricks to make it far less scary!

Fit interview practice: We'll work on your stories together, make sure you're able to answer all the key questions and that you can nail the killer question: “tell me about yourself”!

Important to know:

Huge numbers of resources: I also have exclusive consulting-prep workbooks from the largest MBA programmes: Harvard Business School, Wharton, Duke, London Business School, MIT, Kellogg  - I can share these / use them with you in the way that most suits your needs. 

We'll talk before kicking off to set the structure of the five sessions to make sure it meets your needs. Example programme:

  • Session 1: CV and cover letter review, application strategising, networking
  • Session 2: Case assessment to determine key areas to focus on. Case type - McKinsey case, interviewer led
  • Session 3: Targeted case practice based on outcomes from baseline assessment e.g., structuring deep dive, brainstorming deep dive
  • Session 4: Fit preparation
  • Session 5: Mock interview. Case type - Bain case, interviewee led

Each session we will set homework to focus on improving one of the areas that you have struggled with. 

Let me know if you have any questions!

About Emily

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Ex McKinsey EM & interviewer (5 yrs) USA & UK| Coached / interviewed 300 +|Free 15 min intro| Stanford MBA|Non-trad

Love coaching and interviewing. Staffed twice as a McKinsey on-campus recruiter with full time role to support MBA candidates receive McKinsey offers. Trained as a career / life coach at Stanford Graduate School of Business. Coached 100+ in consulting interview preparation; interviewed 100+

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