Oleksandr (Alex)

Very experienced ex-McKinsey consultant with cross-country expertise
Discoperi, McKinsey & Company
English, Russian
Ukraine (UTC +2)
$179 / hour
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Over my post-consulting career I helped several people to ended up in a position with McKinsey, BCG, Bain, etc. During the course, applicants typically go through a mindset upgrade: problem solving, critical thinking, analytics, personal skills, etc. There is no a standard course, but it's more an individual plan. There is a dedication from both side: mine & applicants. And I only work with them if I see they can make it. Once they are with me - they are almost there with the firm of their dreams. That's why our success rate is 100%. 

It's not a question of one doing x or y. It's just a question of one believing in himself/herself and letting me to show them how to make it happen. 

PS. I love consulting, but I am not there anymore. For me it's a pay-back to the industry, which gave me everything I have now. 


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