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Application and interview expert with previous MBB cross offers - ready to help you realize your full potential

  • MBB Firm, Leading engineering conglomerate
  • English
  • Singapore
  • $109 / hour
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Top skills

  • Fit and Case Interview Coaching
  • Interview Storytelling
  • Personal Branding

My approach

G'day, I have work experience currently with a MBB firm, and previously with a leading global engineering conglomerate. I previously used Preplounge to secure my dream consulting job; so I know what it's like to be in your shoes, and more importantly, I want to help you get that offer.

Three key reasons why we should work together:

End to End Approach: I applied to McKinsey, BCG and Bain (MBB) and obtained 2 offers as an experienced hire with no support from MBA career services or any access to official career talks/events. This unconventional journey, going from not knowing anyone in MBB to having multiple post MBA job offers from McKinsey & BCG, enables me to share with you my approach to the entire application value chain, from networking, CV writing, problem solving test prep, to fit & case interview prep. This unique coaching is one that just isn't readily available right now.

Track Record: I've passed 11 out of 12 actual interviews with McKinsey, BCG and Bain and have practiced over 30 interviews with current and former MBB consultants. I'll be happy to share my insights from these with you when we work together.

Cross cultural experience: I have led teams comprising multiple nationalities and job functions for over 6 years. I enjoy working with people from diverse backgrounds; I believe we can always learn something new from one another. This cross collaboration across cultures and industries puts me in a good position to coach you, wherever you are in the world.

I'll empower you, with my end to end approach, to be an all rounded candidate, equipped to tackle the toughest interviews in consulting.

Looking forward to us working together!


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Imperial College London


Professional Experience

MBB Firm
2016 - now
Leading engineering conglomerate
Project Manager
2010 - 2016


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