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My Approach
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I want interviewers from top-firms to see you as a colleague rather than a candidate.


Therefore, I won't…

  • …teach you a list of frameworks
  • …train you by ‘just’ practicing cases
  • …tell you just what interviewers want to hear

Instead, I will help you to…

  • …articulate your thinking and solve problems like a consultant
  • …build the structure and linear thinking to break-down and solve complex problems
  • …tell your unique story and proof points in a way that resonates with consulting values


My approach is based on three drivers: develop the mindset of top-performing consultant, master the toolkit for structured and rigorous problem-solving and communicate your unique story in a way that makes you stand out from the crowd.


We will do the following:

  1. Develop the consulting mindset. We will work on internalizing the why, how and what that drives the thinking process at top-tier firms. You will augment your current skillset with MECE and 80/20 thinking and crystal-clear outcome-oriented synthesis to successfully drive any case.
  2. Master bulletproof problem solving. We will work on building the consulting mindset to structure, break down and solve any case (no frameworks required!). We will work on real-life cases from top firms. I will give you tips to leverage your strengths and actionable feedback to successfully address development areas based on actual evaluation matrices.
  3. Communicate your story. We will work on bringing out your motivation, attitude and fit. We will give you the confidence and attitude required for the fit interview by making your strengths, learnings and ambitions shine based on your professional experience. We will develop your story from end-to-end: resume to interview.


What's next?
Let's have a quick phone call to align on your application timeline, any specific development goals, motivation and discuss how I will help you secure that offer.

Talk soon!


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