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My Approach
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Let's go straight to the point

My consulting interview preparation philosophy

  • Consulting interviews are about two things that cannot be isolated
    • how well you fit with your interviewer
    • how well you crack the case
  • I am offering to train you to both issues with an empathetic approach grounded in reality with a fresh experience (50 interviews in last 6 months) 
  • As #1 recruiter in my office, I will train you to do what other recruiters want: have a nice conversation, instead of an awkard let-me-use-my-framework moment
  • Wether it's about fit and/or case, I will not bore you out with some theoretical bullshit but give you practical advise for immediate progress and help you secure your offer

My case preparation credentials

  • Interviewed 50+ candidates in the last 6 months for intern to senior consultant positions
  • As part of campus management team
    • Organized 15 case training exercises on/off campus
    • Took part in 10 career fair
  • As part of recruiting team
    • Co-defined recruiting targets
    • Determined key personae and value adequacy

With no further ado, let's get you an offer !


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