I led several interviews for French McKinsey office. I am also used to teach at university. Glad to help you nail it!
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My coaching approach is based on my experience as:

  • McKinsey interviewer at the Paris Office (analytical-oriented office)
  • University lecturer
  • McKinsey consultant.

Entering MBB is difficult. Only 1% of the 200,000 McKinsey candidates applying every year receive a job offer. 2 things make exceptional candidates stand out:

  • The framing of your fit interview answers, in line with internal perspectives (i.e., are you fit for partnership?)
  • The use of easy “wow-effect” consulting tricks that highlights your business maturity and readiness for client interviews.

I recommend a 3-step preparation to be adapted based on you individual spikes and development needs:

  •  1-hour coaching on the fit interview:
    • What are the key differentiating elements to know about McKinsey vs. BCG vs. Bain?
    • What is the McKinsey fit evaluation framework?
    • How would you respond to few fit questions?
    • How to answer a McKinsey fit question (inc. situation, complication, implication)?
    • How to come fully prepared?
    • How would you improve you initial answer based on the coaching?
  • 1-hour session on a business case:
    • What are the key frameworks to know?
    • What are the small “wow effect” moves to have?
    • What are you evaluated against at each step of the selection process?
    • 1 real-life use case
  • 1-hour wrap-up session on tricky questions:
    • How to nail the Problem Solving Test with a simple strategy?
    • Coming back on the fit questions, are you ready to answer each dimension of the evaluation grid?
    • Pushing you to the limits, can you answer all difficult questions?
    • Q&A?


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