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My Approach
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My approach

  1. Focus on solving problems instead of applying frameworks. McKinsey consultants don’t apply pre-learned frameworks and so shouldn’t you. We will practice tackling any problem successfully regardless of type, context, and industry
  2. Fixing three most common mistakes. Through my coaching experience and in conversations with colleagues from Big3 I discovered that there are three recurring mistakes that candidates make. Good news is that they are easy to fix if you know what they are, and I will help you fixing them.
  3. Personal fit interviews are just as important as case interviews. Fortunately, you don’t need to have stories about saving the world to pass it. You can tell a story about helping your mom and it will be enough if you tell it right. We will practice the best ways to tell your stories.
  4. Direct feedback, no sugarcoating. You value your time and money and so do I. I will tell you what you need to hear, no what you want to hear.
  5. Don’t practice only with me. This is one of the most common mistakes that candidates make. They find one ex-consultant and practice 5-10 interviews with this one person. The truth is that you will be interviewed by different people, and you need to be ready to deal with different approaches, personalities, and styles. Instead of having 5 sessions with me, have 2 instead and then practice with others. I can give you access to senior McK and ex-McK people to continue practicing, or just pick from the PrepLounge.


How exactly we will work together

Session 1: Define your baseline – During this session I will give you one interviewer led case and then we practice one fit interview. As a result of this session, we will define your baseline in 

  • Problem-solving toolkit
  • Avoiding 3 most common mistakes of case interviews
  • Personal fit interview readiness

Session 2: Deep dive on improvement areas – During this session we focus on practicing areas of improvement identified in the baselining session. If more than one improvement area identified, we will decide together if we need one more follow up session.

After this session I recommend that you practice with other coaches (I will give you suggestions of senior people or just choose yourself from PrepLounge). It is important that you practice with different coaches because during the interviews you will get exposed to different styles and you need to be ready for that. We can have one more follow up session once you get a chance to work with others.  


Why Me

Track record - I got offers from 5 top-tier consultancies, including McKinsey that I eventually joined. I prepared from scratch in 4 weeks.

Flexibility – No time limit on our sessions. We will take as long as needed to define the baseline or practice an improvement area. I am also available on WhatsApp if you have post-session questions

Network - I have an extensive network of ex and current consultants that you can leverage for more practice or office specific questions


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