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I am an experienced-hire specialist.  You are a mature candidate that can be taught to develop your own thoughts (no more structure for the sake of structure!) and communicate them in a way that allows you to demonstrate your hypothesis efficiently and move quickly toward testing it, all while having a good conversation with the interviewer!  Usually 1-2 sessions is all it takes.

If this sounds like a compelling approach, please be in touch.

How did I develop my approach to case interviews?  Since I came to McKinsey as an experienced hire, well after I completed my MBA, I've amassed years of experience both failing and then finally succeeding at case interviews. I finally started to use my own judgement and problem solving skills instead of just focusing on "what they want to hear."

How do I know it works?  I interviewed close to 100 candidates during my 5 years of interviewing at McKinsey, so I know what good looks like.  Also, I gave each person the feedback they deserved and many were able to use that to obtain offers in final rounds.

How do I know I can coach?  Firstly, I really enjoy it.  Secondly, I've obtained some great feedback from my clients here on PrepLounge.  See my reviews for yourself!  Thirdly, my clients follow-up with me when they get an offer and thank me.


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