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Interview coaching for case studies
Personal fit mastery
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My Approach
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My promise

  • Working with me will be the most important decision in your career
  • It will be an eye-opening experience in which you will learn about a field-proven way to master every step of your application with ease. From the time you decide to apply, to the moment when you hold the contract in your hands
  • My approach is not a simple shortcut to success, but a structured, reliable, and repeatable method which leaves you with multiple consulting offers in your hand. The success of my clients is proof, that this works over and over
  • It doesn’t matter what you study, whether you are a top-performer, or how much experience you have already gained – I WILL GET YOU HIRED!

Please be aware: This offer is not suitable for everyone

  • You must have the desire to get hired by McKinsey, BCG, Bain, or any other (top) consultancy and you should be aware that consulting includes extensive working hours
  • You must be at least in your third semester at university or you must have already graduated with a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree. Your field of study does not matter
  • You must at least belong to the top 30% of your class at university and have the ambition to complete a Master’s degree in the long run, if you haven’t already done so
  • You must be “coachable”, meaning that you are willing to learn all the secrets from a former BCG consultant and apply them in your own application process step-by-step

You must be ready to invest 4 hours per week over the next 6 weeks in which you learn all the internal secrets and methods from the top consultancies THAT WILL GET YOU HIRED!


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