Snr Director | Ex-BCG 5y, Official interviewer | Vilmin Coaching - 8y+ of coaching | 200+ interviews | INSEAD MBA
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My Approach
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* A tailored coaching approach to maximize your MBB chances! *

Got offers from BCG / McKinsey / Deloitte / KPMG and chose BCG

During my role as Lead Recruiter for BCG Offices in Canada, I have interviewed 100's of candidates and developed expertise in identifying what is key to successfully preparing and ace your MBB recruiting interviews. 

In addition, I have more than 7 years of coaching experience through my company Vilmin Coaching and helped 200+ people be successful in their Consulting recruitment! 

I focus my approach on 3 key aspects: 

  1. Tailor our sessions to your background and level to maximize growth
  2. Leverage specific case & feedback to allow targetted rapid improvement
  3. Provide flexibility for the “last push” when interviews are approaching

This methodology has been proven times and times again, and will enable you to rapidly improve and get the Consulting offers you want! 

Feel free to reach out to start the discussion about how I could best help you achieve your goals, I am looking forward to hearing from you!


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