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My Approach
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In order to generate traffic and gain feedback on my profile, I am offering a 50% discount in the 1st session


-- WHO I AM --
I am a 4th year management consultant at BCG office in Madrid, currently in a leave of absence, with experience as 1st round interviewer for the recruitment department. Happy to support you with my direct experience both as a BCG interviewer and personal coach at Preplounge and Club-MBA. I already helped several candidates to get offers at McKinsey & BCG and others top firms in Spain by standing out of the crowd. Whether you are a graduate, MBA or expert hire in the process of applying I can support you in:


-- CV & CL --

  • Developing an effective CV that will get you an interview
  • Build a strong Cover Letter
  • Strategies to get an internal referral


-- Fit preparation --

  • How to answer optimally to the behavioral part
  • Anticipating the hardest questions and what not to say
  • Understand what recruiters are looking for (process and selection rationale)


-- Case preparation --

  • Be challenged with REAL BCG cases - Improve how to effectively do and present the case structure and learn unique approaches for solving cases avoiding cliches and common mistakes
  • Specific case type preparation: e.g. market sizing, M&A, operations, pricing etc...
  • Learn the best frameworks, targeted study and material (e.g. numerical tests, casebooks, PST..)
  • Best resources and what's good/not good from popular material (VC, Cosentino etc)


-- What you will get from me --

  • Unless the candidate asks me otherwise, I typically start 100% serious from the beginning to simulate a real stress situation, delivering the feedback in 2 steps, at the end of the fit & case
  • I use and evaluate my candidates in the same variables and scale as in MBB
  • I can share with you +50 casebooks, Victor Cheng's LOMS, numerical tests and PST materials that will help you practice on your own


Looking forward to coach you! :)


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