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I have 10+ years of management consulting and strategy experience while working with KPMG, Aon, and Capital One. I will be joining McKinsey in Sunmer 2020 as an Engagement Manager in the NYC office. I am a certified R1 interviewer at Capital One and specialize in evaluating candidate's analytical thinking and thier quantiatve skills.

Since business school, I have done over 500 cases and mentored over 100+ peers, both during school as well as after graduating where I have continued working with our Career Management Centre to improve the materials and resources available for students wanting to get into consulting. I thoroughly enjoy casing and mentoring prospective candidates.

I will be an ideal mentor to you if you are looking for:

  • A mentor who will give you real-life, 'live' cases and give you honest feedback on how to improve by sharing personal anecdotes of my experience of casing both as a candidate and as an interviewer
  • Help going beyond the basic structures and advice on how to personalize your responses to each case
  • Assistance becoming better at the quantiative component - not only number crunching - but also being able to quickly visualize equations and insights from data available in the charts
  • Independent feedback on your PEI stories

By practicing with me, I will help you begin to think like a consultant, become better and 'back of the hand calculations, and drive cases during your interviews while actually enjoying them!!


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