Ex-McKinsey (Assoc. Prin. & in charge of recruiting), now do case workshops at several MBA programs
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Select your interview expert coach with care!  Many received multiple offers from elite firms, but very few of those are or were interviewers at those firms.  Only interviewers know the real evaluation criteria, can benchmark you against candidates that passed, and can give you the authentic interviewer perspective.  

Worth with me to learn what makes the difference between the 10% that pass interviews at top firms vs the other 90%.   In my 8 years as consultant at McKinsey, I spent 6 of them interviewing more than 300 candidates and leading the London office's team of interviewers and recruiters. I combine my experience as consultant, interviewer and coach to help you crack the code on case interviews on each dimension: problem definition, problem structuring, quants, synthesis, top-down communication and engaging the interviewer to make sure s/he is on your side.  I can also coach you on fit interviews and the McKinsey PEI.


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