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  • Solutions Factory Consulting GmbH, consulting-case-interviews.com, Mayr-Melnhof Group, McKinsey & Company
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My approach

What is High Impact Coaching? I call it this way because some of my candidates received a fix McKinsey offer directly after the first interview round, WITHOUT even going through the 2nd round because the interviewers were so incredibly amazed about their performance.

After having written several books on case interviews, having already helped dozens of candidates to secure offers at the tier 1 consulting firms, as well as having run through the procedures myself some time ago, I will kick-start your interview prepration, fine-tune your skills and make sure that you know what it takes. In addition, I have a lot of additional insights and resources I can share with you, as well as sound, actionable no-bullshit feedback to focus on the right issues in your preparation process. Make sure not to fall into the common trap to focus on case structure and math only - you better make sure to really start thinking like a tier 1 consultant does!

In addition, I am recently coaching lots of candidates specifically on the McKinsey Personal Experience Interview (PEI). Actually most candidates fail to get an offer from McKinsey not because of their case interview performance, but because of their PEI performance, and this is for sure the most underestimated part of the McKinsey recruiting process. For more information you can also visit http://pei.consulting-case-interviews.com/ where you can also download the McKinsey Personal Experience Interview Toolkit to guide you through the whole PEI preparation process.


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Schulich School of Business / York University

Business Administration

Professional Experience

Solutions Factory Consulting GmbH
Consultant & Partner
2014 - now
Founder & High-Impact Interview Coach
Mayr-Melnhof Group
Senior Consultant
2009 - 2014
McKinsey & Company
Capstone Mentoring Program
2007 - 2008


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