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Feel free to read the below, or just shoot me a message!  We can discuss your goals, my background and approach, and any logistics questions (pricing, timing, etc.).  I am new to PrepLounge and happy to discuss discounts for my initial customers


I help candidates understand that cracking cases is a learned skill, and share a clear path with tangible tips & tricks that will make you successful.  In my experience with 200+ candidates, there are two major challenges with case prep:

  1. Candidates do not know where to start (especially those of you who are "non-traditional"
  2. Coaches do not provide feedback that is specific, tangible, and actionable.  

My approach is focused on helping candidates overcome these two obstacles.  In my sessions, I aim to:

  • Provide a fair baseline evaluation as a starting point for your prep
  • Share the specific tips & tricks I've learned (developed as part of the course I taught b-school candidates) for quickly developing a comprehensive and effective framework, faster "big number" math, demonstrating structure and organization, and getting "unstuck"
  • Give specific direction on how you can most effectively spend your time to be successful

I love working with both traditional and non-traditional candidates, but I had particular success with non-traditional candidates during my time at McK.  In either case, I have found coaching to be much more effective at the beginning versus the end of the case prep process.  


+ New to, but experience coaching 200+ candidates from undergrad, b-schools, and non-traditional backgrounds

+ Former engagement manager at McKinsey, with additional experience with PwC (US & Middle East) and Accenture

+ Developed and taught a course on "Case Interview Tips & Tricks: Things you don't learn in business school case prep"

+ Received offers at all big-3, plus multiple other consulting firms; successfully passed 32/32 attempted case interviews



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