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About me 

As a Partner at McKinsey, I did lots of candidate interviews both second as well as final round for positions as Analysts, (Summer) Associates, and Specialists/Experts (a new and fast growing track within most top management consultancies) bringing also specific insights from offices in Europe, Latin America as well as North America. 

I have also participated in the final decision meetings where candidate offer decisions are being made. You will find that you will receive a much richer coaching experience from someone that has been a partner versus someone that has only been an associate or manager.  

I have restricted availability. I do work with PrepLounge for the joy of helping younger people like you being successful at the beginning of their consulting career, but it's not my one and only vocation. 


I tailor my approach based on your background and your specific needs and help candidates with both Case Interviews and Personal Impact interviews.

For case interviews, I focus on the 3 core aspects of the case interview, spending more or less time on each, as needed:

  1. Analytical thinking: The ability to use causal relationships in deductive problem solving
  2. Quantitative thinking: The ability to think analytically in a quantitative context
  3. Conceptual thinking: The ability to see patterns, relationships, and build conceptual frameworks in inductive problem solving

For Personal Impact interviews, I use a number of different scenarios. Here is a sample set of scenarios:

  • Leading others: Tell me about a time you led a team through a difficult challenge 
  • Managing team conflict: Tell me about a time you worked in a team and had to manage a conflict
  • Overcoming challenges: Tell me about a challenge you had to push yourself hard to overcome
  • Creating opportunities: Tell me about a time where you have created opportunities for others to succeed
  • Managing a personal conflict: Tell me about a time you had a disagreement with a colleague / your boss
  • Influencing others: Tell me about a time you changed the mind of a group of people / an individual

You will receive verbal on the spot feedback as well as a written feedback.


In case we work together, I will need your resume / LinkedIn profile, your target firms and position, your case experience so far, as well as a self-evaluation of your strengths and weaknesses on the above dimensions and your desired focus areas. 



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