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Type Easy Medium Hard Estimation
Best Result: Matteo Jacchia - 206 pts
Best Result: Thomas - 33 pts
Best Result: Michelle - 22 pts
Best Result: Matteo Jacchia - 100 pts
Best Result: Matteo Jacchia - 300 pts
Best Result: Thomas - 37 pts
Best Result: GF - 34 pts
Best Result: Matteo Jacchia - 56 pts
Best Result: Matteo Jacchia - 1100 pts
Best Result: Olivier - 104 pts
Best Result: Matteo Jacchia - 19 pts
Best Result: Matteo Jacchia - 100 pts
Best Result: Monu - 1047 pts
Best Result: CK - 121 pts
Best Result: Lisa - 16 pts
Best Result: Matteo Jacchia - 200 pts
Best Result: Alan - 1000 pts
Best Result: Alan - 346 pts
Best Result: Alan - 1000 pts
Best Result: Matteo Jacchia - 30 pts
Best Result: Matteo Jacchia - 500 pts
Best Result: Maurits - 55 pts
Best Result: Matteo Jacchia - 21 pts
Best Result: Matteo Jacchia - 70 pts

Did you know?

Consulting companies like McKinsey sometimes demand candidates to take a multiple choice test.
Usually it is not possible to complete all excercises of the test in the given time.
Training your case math skills is a key factor to succeed in this kind of tests.

Why are good math skills so important for your Case Interview? Find out in our bootcamp article about mental math.


Choose one of the 24 tests above to check and improve your case math skills.
You can take a test as many times as you want and see how you improved over time.
Under your point score you can see how you performed compared to the candidates.

Further Math Prep

The "FASTMATH Ace the Case" online course provides a comprehensive set of tools to prepare for the quantitative portion of case interviews. It uses video-based instruction to teach efficient calculation methods in order to improve your speed and efficiency for the most common case calculations (multiplication, division, percentages and compound growth calculations).