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GlowMobile Goes Digital (McKinsey first-round)

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Case Prompt

GlowMobile is a leading telecom operator with a strong presence in Southeast Asia. They sell regular products and services that any telecom operator would offer in their retail stores: cell phones, SIM cards, subscriptions, etc.

Even though the number of digital customers in the region has grown exponentially, currently GlowMobile does not have an online presence and customers must go in person to retail stores for every interaction with the operator. In the past years, they have been losing a lot of customers due to bad customer experience.

GlowMobile has asked our team to improve customer satisfaction through digitization. Specifically, they want us to help improve and digitize their operations and prepare a proof of concept for a digital customer journey for customers.

The CEO believes that opening their digital channel would minimize the loss of customers due to bad customer experience and solidify their position as market leader. Right now, a digital journey does not exist.

Question 1: What are the most important factors to consider as the client is about to embark on a digital transformation?

Question 2: What are the features that you expect to be critical to users and thus have a positive influence on customer experience?

Q3. What are the insights that you can draw from the current consumer experience analysis?

The candidate ran an internal analysis to survey customer satisfaction across the main touchpoints when a customer acquires a product. 

Question 4: How much would the profits of GlowMobile increase if they introduce a digital customer journey?

The CEO of GlowMobile believes that creating a digital customer journey will reduce the drop-off rate by 10%.

He is interested in learning the effect on profitability in the first year as a consequence of this decision.

We know that the company is quarterly losing 100,000 customers and that the average customer value per year is $150. 

Q5. What would be your final recommendation for our client?

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