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Electric Mobility

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Case Prompt

Our client is a start-up company that wants to mass-produce an electric vehicle for the US market.

So far it has developed a prototype all-electric vehicle.

They hired us to solve the problem of swapping to mass-production.

I. Background – Question 1: How would you think about the potential market for an electric car in the US (i.e. market segments)?

II. Manufacturing – Question 2: What are some of the possible options for the client to scale up manufacturing?

II. Manufacturing – Question 3: What are some possible strategies to reduce costs if the client decided to build the manufacturing facility in the US?

III. Labor – Question 4: How many employees will be required to build the desired first year production of 100,000 vehicles?

Now we can start with the more quantitative part of the case.

IV. Conclusion – Question 5

Further Questions

What problems could the company face in the new market sector of electric cars?

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