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Expert case by Gaurav

Launching Caskets in North Africa - 1st Round BAIN case

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Case Prompt

Our client is Easywood, a furniture maker based in North Africa. Easywood serves the local market and sells mainly bedroom furniture. Last year, Easywood had a revenue of around $10m and a profitability of around 20%. Though Easywood is not concerned about the growth and profitability, they are worried about the cyclicity in the business. During the festival time, the business is good, however, at other times, the period is very lean.

The CEO is considering entering into the market of caskets. He wants your opinion on whether entering the Casket market would be a good idea for Easywood.

1. How would you structure your approach to the problem?

2. Can you identify the market size for the caskets?

3. What other data point would you need to get a sense of casket market attractiveness?

4. We have the following data about the competitive landscape. What is your sense of market attractiveness?

5. What aspects should Easywood worry about on the feasibility and implementation front? ​

6. So, what should Easywood do?

7. What is your final recommendation for the Easywood CEO?

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