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Case Prompt

CoffeeWorks is one of the leading coffee retail chains in the UK. The client is planning to introduce reusable cups with an aim to decrease the consumption of single-use disposable cups. 

The main goal of the client is to enhance their brand image as a sustainable retailer without harming current profitability levels. Thus, they approached us to check whether they should go ahead with their plan.

Question #1: How would you approach this engagement, and what elements would you like to consider?

Question #2: Can you tell me what could be the potential upsides for our client more in detail?

Question #3: Before we deep dive into the quantification of the potential upsides, let us discuss the potential downsides first. Can you come up with a few ideas?

Question #4: Our client wants to know how much their annual profits will be changed with this initiative. What data points do we need to determine this?

Question #5: What potential risks do you see based on the analysis we have conducted today?

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