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Case Prompt

Your client is the CEO of a publishing company that publishes an educational magazine and a women's magazine.

Although both businesses are profitable, they are not growing fast enough. Thus, the CEO is thinking about starting a third monthly magazine that is targeted towards 30 to 60-year-old men in the US. He wants to know whether he can reach his first-year goal of $15 million in revenue.

I. Structure

II. Estimate

III. Calculation

IV. Conclusion

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Further Questions

Note for Interviewer

Additional questions

If the interviewee solves the case very quickly, you can come up with additional challenging questions to ask them

1. What risks do you think are related to the launching of this new magazine? How would you avoid them?

2. How would you do the marketing of the magazine launch

3. How would you choose the topics this magazine should cover?

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