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Case Prompt


The United States is currently facing a major supply chain crisis due to long ship queues and wait times at its West Coast ports, particularly at the Port of Los Angeles. Docks are at maximum capacity, and the system is at a breaking point. The government has reached out to you to help find solutions to resolve the supply chain crisis and avoid further economic losses.

Clarifying Information 

  • The client’s objective is to resolve the supply chain crisis and ensure the smooth operation of the supply chain to avoid further economic losses
  • The client’s focus is on the West Coast ports, particularly the Port of Los Angeles
  • The client is open to exploring various options to resolve the supply chain crisis.

Part 1: Identifying the Root Causes of the Supply Chain Crisis

Part 2: Resolving West Coast Port Issues - Brainstorming

Part 3: Resolving West Coast Port Issues - Option Analysis

Part 4: Implementation and Evaluation of Solutions

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