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The Jaywalking Case

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Case Prompt

The Government of Spain has tasked the City of Barcelona to increase their revenue generated from the City.

Thus, in order to generate more revenue, the Local Government of Barcelona has engaged our firm to examine the viability of passing a new law imposing a fine on jaywalking violations.

How should we approach this?

Sample Structure

1- Market Size and Revenue

a) Estimating the number of pedestrians in the city that jaywalk

b) Suggesting a reasonable price for the fine


2- Implementation

a) Discuss the different approaches to implement the law

b) Pros and Cons of different approaches


3- Capabilities and Risks

a) Identifying Risks

b) Alignment with Government's capabilities and agenda

Market Size and Revenue

Estimate the total potential revenue that the government can earn by imposing a fine for jaywalking in the city of Barcelona.


How would you implement this? Explain the Pros and Cons for Human vs Technological solution 

Capabilities and Risks

What risks do you see associated by implementing this fine? Does this initiative match the capabilities of the government or help them with their agenda?

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