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Powered Wheelchairs

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Case Prompt

We have been hired by the CEO of Comfort Chairs, a company that manufactures complex powered wheelchairs. Comfort Chairs has headquarters in Sweden with manufacturing in Sweden and sales all over Europe. The company enjoys a strong market position and is known for being a pioneer in its industry. It was recently acquired by a leading global private equity firm that is interested in driving the international growth of Comfort Chairs. Especially, the US market looks very interesting.

The CEO has hired you to help him with two things:

1. Determine the size and the growth of the US market for complex powered wheelchairs.

2. Analyze whether entering the US market is attractive.

0. Background

1. Market sizing and growth - Intro

1. Market sizing and growth - A. IDEAL STRUCTURE

1. Market sizing and growth - B. IDEAL SOLUTION

2. Market Entry - Intro

2. Market Entry - A. IDEAL STRUCTURE

2. Market Entry - B. IDEAL SOLUTION

3. Summary

Further Questions

How can you figure out how much market share is achievable for Comfort Chairs in year one?

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