The Business Framework

The Business Framework Experience the real job as a consultant by working on simulated projects and get the best preparation for your dream job in consulting!
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The Business framework is the most common and often-used framework in management consulting. The reason why it's so popular is because of the framework's flexibility. You can use the framework to work out market-entry problems or to conduct customer research, but you can also use it to solve operational problems.

The framework is centered around 5 key branches related to business being Customer, Product, Company, Competitor and Industry. These five branches together can help us map out and structure business problems or challenges ranging from market growth, pricing issues, competitive analysis, benchmarking, new product launch, M&A and much more. It's highly flexible and very powerful which is why it forms the essence of almost every one of our business challenges.

The course consist of explaining the Business framework along with a practical case.

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