Basic - PowerPoint for Consultants (1/2)

Basic - PowerPoint for Consultants (1/2) Experience the real job as a consultant by working on simulated projects and get the best preparation for your dream job in consulting!
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4.7 (565 ratings)

As an analyst in consulting you spend a vast majority of your time on PowerPoint's. This means that you need to be able to create super-quality presentations. The presentations developed in the consulting sector are of the highest quality since they are used in client communication.

A lot of graduates, analysts and even professionals have a hard time working on PowerPoint so we've added the course to make life easier for you. The course consists of two parts and handles all aspects of a typical presentation. We show you all the important formatting techniques, how to use them and when to use them. We talk about the concept of storytelling, how to structure a presentation and much more. Everything is fully tailored to the consulting job.

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