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ZS Associates and PwC Analytics Advisory interviews

PwC ZS Associates
Recent activity on Feb 26, 2016
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sam asked on Feb 15, 2016

Hi All,

Could any of you share your experience of the same. Will be very thankful.

Thanks and Regards

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Anonymous A replied on Feb 26, 2016

Hi there, concerning ZS Associates in Germany:

I had 2 appointments. First one about motivation, CV etc. all in English and, in addition, a brief case study. Relatively easy to handle.

Second appointment included three conversations. First one based on a case. Second one based on a bunch of Brainteasers and, eventually, a last case study.

All in all, quite intense.

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tommy on Aug 16, 2018

Hello, could you give more details about the final round/interviews? what kind of business case you had/type of brain teasers? How did you prepare the interview? thanks in advance for all your efforts


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