Will TKMC consider a consulting master thesis as first experience in consulting for application?

New answer on May 12, 2020
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Anonymous A asked on May 11, 2020

I have multiple experiences in various companies and startups in the form of internships but not in a consulting. However, I am working on a self defined master thesis in the strategy consulting domain. Will this be considered as an initial experience?

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Elisabeth replied on May 12, 2020
Expert Talent Acquisition

Hello, thanks for your question!

We generally do not consider a master thesis to be the first experience. But if it is written in the field of consulting, that is definitely a plus. With first experiences we rather mean internships, working student activities and similar.
Nevertheless, the whole package is important to us - and no application is sorted out in advance by mechanisms. Therefore, just apply for our consultant position and we will check your documents!

Best regards,

Elisabeth - Expert Talent Acquistion @TKMC

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