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Mena asked on Jan 22, 2020

if we are having 1M visitors and each reads 1000 articles, why using conversion rate?

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replied on Jan 22, 2020
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Hello Mena,

The text is a bit confusing saying that "it is expected that each visitor will read about a 1,000 premium articles a year". In the solution the assumption is that "every visitor that is willing to pay to read articles, will read 1000 articles per year". The conversion rate is an estimation of the visitors that are willing to pay.

Does it make sense?


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Mena on Jan 22, 2020

Hi Luca, yes it makes sense. I guess I was confused by the way it was writen. Thanks a lot

Anonymous A on May 08, 2022

Sorry, no, I am still struggling to understand. If the questions says each visitor will read 1000 premium articles, I would assume it is implying that they are all willing to pay. So I wouldn't apply any conversion. If the questions didn't explicitly say 'each visitor', then I would make an assumption for conversion.

Jose on Jun 08, 2022

I agree with comment above, the text should be corrected. I don't see how someone will assume or ask about a conversion rate when the prompt clearly states that each visitor will read about 1,000 premium articles per year. Anyway, the quantity would throw me off and probably I would make a comment during the interview, but for practice purposes the text is plainly incorrect.

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