Which extracurricular activities best for MBB entry?

Anonymous A asked on Jun 28, 2017 - 2 answers

Hey folks!

My plan is to polish up my CV some more to increase my chances to get into MBB consulting.

Now that I fulfill the major criteria (academic and work related) I would like to gain some more extracurricular experience. I am wondering if it matters what kind of activities I choose or which ones you would recommend me. I could join some "skill improving" workshops like toast masters or other public speaking seminars perhaps, or more social projects like Leo Club or other charity like organizations.

It's not that I only do it for my CV, I also enjoy joining teams and getting to know other people, but still I want to keep in mind which will help me most to get into MBB.

Please let me know if you have any advice for me on this!

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Danny replied on Jun 29, 2017

I think there is no standard answer for specific ec activities. However, if yours make impact, show your entrepreneurship and initiative, it should be great. They really value your personal impact. And make sure you quantify your personal impact in CV. Hope it help!

replied on Jul 05, 2017
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I can directly answer this question because I have screened CVs at my firm. The point of extracurriculars are twofold:

  1. leadership/ expertise - you want to demonstrate either leadership OR expertise via each of your hobbies. It's very easy to put down an endless array of clubs/ groups/ sports that you participate in. However, the most compelling ones are organisations in which you are in a leadership role or have reached a significant level of expertise.
  2. show you are an interesting well rounded person - at the end of the day, the interviewer will likely spend a significant amount of time with interviewees. Interesting people are simplier easier to be around during those late hours.

To use your example, toastmasters would be more compelling if you were to demonstrate that you helped to organise meetings or were an instructor/ facilitator. Sports are similar in that respect - no one cares that you enjoy running. If you participated in several marathons or helped to run the local running club, that is a much more compelling story.

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