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What would you say is the difference between DHLC and other (inhouse) consultancies?

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Stephen asked on Sep 01, 2018

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Noel replied on Sep 03, 2018

Hi Stephen,

Thanks for the question. Based on my discussion with my colleagues who have worked with other in-house consultancies, these are some of the differences with some in-house consultancies:

- Types of project: we work with a whole range of different projects and some of these include strategic and transformational projects to DHL - some of the engagements that we've worked on were projects that we had to compete with the likes of the MBBs to win (DHL is not obligated to use DHLC's services). Also, the Partners do make it a point to avoid "body-leasing" projects.

- Quality of the consultants: since DHL is not obliged to use DHLC's services, DHLC is motivated to hire and train top-notch consultants and to deliver high-quality projects. This is why we have an uncompromising recruiting process and very good training and mentorship programs.

- Culture: as I alluded, I haven't worked with other in-house consultancies, but I honestly think we have a great culture in DHLC of smart and ambitious consultants, who also know how to enjoy life outside of work.

Hope this gives some clarity.

Best regards,

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