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What to wear to a BCG 1st Round Case Interview?

Anonymous A

Hi All,

Looking to figure out what I should wear for my first round of interviews in NYC.

What I was thinking so far was Dark Navy Suit, Light Blue Shirt, Red/Blue Tie, and Black Shoes?

Is this fine?

Thanks in Advance!

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replied on 05/14/2018
Bain & Company | University of Cambridge | CV/Resume writing | 770 GMAT

I wouldn't over think it - wear a suit and tie, and don't over do it. As long as you don't stand out for being badly dressed, you will be fine - no one has ever passed a consulting interview because they wore the best suit.

Anonymous B replied on 05/14/2018

Hi, I just had an MBB interview and progressed to final round.

Here is what I wore. I was very happy with my choice of attire. Aim to impress and stand out with your case and fit quality rather than your attire - I would avoid the red tie. I feel that if you put in the effort to look great, you'll have more confidence and perform well. Body language is a huge indicator for interviewers and as such; dress code and the way your present is important.

  • Navy Suit.
  • Brown suit shoes / Brown belt - (Black shoes and navy does not match if you're fussy) Polish the shoes enough so that you can see your nervous face in the reflection (Only kidding!)
  • Light blue shirt / Plain spotted navy/white tie
  • Discrete watch
  • Plain socks

Don't dress too flashy - no cufflinks, Gucci or Rolex type accessories. Don't wear a tie clip either.

Good luck!

replied on 05/31/2018
Ex CAPCO/BCG Consultant. Specialize in Market Sizing

Yes 100% must wear a suit. Keep it convserative and simple. Blue and red are great colors.

Good luck!


Currently non-active expert
replied on 05/13/2018

That sounds perfect - best of luck!

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