What is the typical career progression for an inhouse consultant at EON?

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Anonymous A asked on Aug 06, 2018

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Anonymous replied on Aug 07, 2018

Hi Anonymous,

Many thanks for the question.

Assuming you are joining after graduating with a Masters' degree, you will start as Consultant with next career steps being Senior Consultant after roughly 1,5-2 years, depending on your performance. If you are joining us with a PhD or MBA degree, you would start straight as Senior Consultant and be up for promotion to Junior Project Manager. Working at ECON, you will constantly learn and develop yourself on the job and benefit from frequent feedback and coaching by experienced mentors and seniors. Furthermore, we offer a comprehensive training program to develop all skills required.

With the large network that you will build up, all doors are open to you! And so, we see ourselves as a talent factory focused on nurturing young managers for the E.ON Group. Have a look at our website (http://eon.li/UQswE) for more information.”

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