What is the procedure to join the TKMC as a junior consultant ?


I am a recent management (MSc) graduate from the technical university of Munich. I don't have any background in consulting but, I have done internships in strategy & business development.

on May 12, 2020
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on May 12, 2020
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Hello Jash,

thank you for your question and your interest!

Our Bachelor-Master-program is a special offer for Bachelor graduates. They join us as Junior Consultants, work with us for two years and then return to the university to do a Master's degree.
Since you already have a Master's degree, you could start as a consultant.
First experience in strategy and business development sounds good. However, in order to give you a final feedback, we would have to look at your application documents - so feel free and send us your documents via our online application tool!

Best regards,

Elisabeth - Expert Talent Acquisition @TKMC

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Thank you Elisabeth for the detailed reply. I will send you my documents via the online application tool.