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What does PA-Interview (in German) mean?

Someone asked on May 02, 2017 - 1 answer

Hi All,

I've just got the names of two interviewers for my 1st round of interview in MBB in Germany.

After the second interviewer's name it says 'Live im Büro PA-Interview'. (After the first one it says 'Generalisten Interview').

Can anyone explain what does PA-Interview and 'Live' mean in this context?


P.S. I could not find anything in Internet and kind of do not want to ask them :)

Someone updated his answer on May 03, 2017


are you applying for an expert position?

At BCG, "PA" means "Practice Area" - so this would be an interview focussed on your knowledge (in the respective PA)

Does this make sense in your situation?

"Live" likely means that it's an in-person interview (in contrast to video conference/ online test)