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What does PA-Interview (in German) mean?

Anonymous A

Hi All,

I've just got the names of two interviewers for my 1st round of interview in MBB in Germany.

After the second interviewer's name it says 'Live im Büro PA-Interview'. (After the first one it says 'Generalisten Interview').

Can anyone explain what does PA-Interview and 'Live' mean in this context?


P.S. I could not find anything in Internet and kind of do not want to ask them :)

Currently non-active expert replied on 05/03/2017


are you applying for an expert position?

At BCG, "PA" means "Practice Area" - so this would be an interview focussed on your knowledge (in the respective PA)

Does this make sense in your situation?

"Live" likely means that it's an in-person interview (in contrast to video conference/ online test)