What does DHL Consulting value in their consultants?

New answer on May 07, 2020
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Ved asked on Apr 28, 2020

To break it down further:

What has a consultant done to succeed at DHL Consulting? And vice-versa, what could have an employee done better while at DHL Consulting?

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Maximilian replied on Apr 29, 2020
Senior Consultant & Assignment Manager at DHL Consulting

Hi Ved!

To succeed as a consultant at DHLC you should bring already some core skills:
Analytical thinking, structured working mode, being a team player, fluent in English and some practical experiences (as in internships and international experience).

These are the characteristics our HR team is looking for in your CV and during our assessment center.

If you are working for DHLC you can expect a steep learning curve and plenty of opportunities to grow. If you keep up with this you will not have a hard time to make a career at DHLC.

Let me know if you have any follow-up questions.

Kind regards

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Ksenia replied on May 07, 2020
Senior Consultant

Hi there!

In addition to the hard skills mentioned by Max, I believe we also value soft skills at DHL Consulting. We would like our consultants to be curious and open-minded. We encourage them to take responsibility and be proactive in building our community and culture together. I believe it is what makes us different.



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