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What do consulting firms value most when it comes to experiences abroad?

Anonymous A

Hey PrepLounge community,

I have some questions related to experience abroad:

  • Which is the best kind of experience abroad to land a job in the big consulting firms? Internship abroad, semester of university abroad?
  • Do they also value experience like language courses, voluntary work, work and travel (so more backpacking) or au pair?
  • Is there a certain minimum of time you should have spent abroad? Like for example does a 2 week language course count at all?
  • Are there specific countries that like to be seen? Maybe one that stands out?
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Guennael replied on 01/19/2017
Ex-MBB, BCG/Bain/Experienced Hire specialist

Consultancies definitely value voluntary/non-profit work as well as creativity / uniqueness. Overall though, I believe you are overthinking this. Most important things that you can impact are (1) school you go to, (2) grades, (3) internships / brand names, (4) leadership experience in student organizations or startup, (5) sporting success. International experience is far far down the line

Anonymous B replied on 01/19/2017

I think internship abroad is the best option if you can get it. Not only because you can combine both work experience and experience abroad, so you can tick 2 boxes in 1 go ;) , but also you get to know the work culture in another country. This is way different than just doing ERASMUS or something. But each experience has its values, I guess in the end it depends what you want to do and then youll be able to sell it well ;) Don't just do something simply cause it looks good on your record!