What are the entry requirements at ECON Inhouse Consulting?

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Anonymous A asked on Aug 24, 2018

Hi everyone!

I'm interested in applying to ECON but I'm not sure whether my profile will be relevant for you. I prefer not to go into detail that much but could you please tell me in general what are the entry requirements at ECON? For example

  • Which university degree do I need ? BAchelors/Masters/MBA?
  • What GPA is needed? How important is the high school diploma? Any grades you look at in particular?
  • How much/Do I need previous work experience in consulting?
  • What language skills do I need besides English? How good does my German need to be?

I would highly appreciate it if you could give me more detailed information.

Thank you in advance and have a nice weekend!

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Anonymous replied on Aug 27, 2018

Hi Anonymous,

Many thanks for your question and happy to elaborate on our general requirements:

  • University degree: For Junior Consultants we ask for a bachelor’s degree, whereas consultants need to have a masters’ degree. This should be in economics (including related studies like management, business studies, etc.), engineering or science. For an internship as Visiting Consultant, you need to be enrolled in a bachelor, master or PhD course.
  • Grades: We expect at least a “good” academic performance, i.e. a “good” in a German grading system, a 2:1 in the UK system, etc.
  • High school diploma: Yes, we ask for your high school diploma. The overall grade as well as your grade in maths and science forms a minor part of our evaluation of your application. Hence, there is no minimum grade to apply.
  • Languages: You need to speak English fluently and should be willing to learn German. To be very clear: You do not need to have any knowledge of German when applying or starting at ECON.
  • Experience: Preferably, you have already gained experience in an internship in an area related to your studies. While naturally consulting experience is some advantage, it is no requirement for an application or invitation to our recruiting day.
  • You can communicate in a structured way. This is a crucial skill for consultants, as we are often asked to structure complex challenges for our clients and therefore check this in the interviews during our recruiting day
  • You are comfortable working with numbers and performing both quantitative and qualitative analyses
  • You can show that you can work independently and push work to completion, e.g. in past (group) projects during your studies, etc.
  • You can show us that you have a creative, innovative and entrepreneurial mindset, e.g. from past (group) projects during your studies, volunteering activities, etc.

I hope you find this helpful.

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