What are the different tests for L.E.K.? (Associate, London)

Anonymous A asked on Oct 13, 2019 - 1 answer

I was recently invited to do the test for LEK on the Mapped-Applied platform. They mentioned there is a math test and 2 additional questions. However, on my dashboard, I see 2 tests that need to be completed along with a practice test and the additional questions. Does anyone know what the 2nd test is?

Hi! I'm assuming the tests are the two additional questions, and the maths test. Have you done yours? — PS on Nov 03, 2019

1 answer

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Anh Duong replied on Nov 14, 2019

This is probably late for you but I'll answer anyway. The 2nd item you see is just 2 essay-like questions (think cover letter content) that they want you to answer for.