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Webinar/ Info session for international

New answer on Aug 06, 2021
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asked on Aug 05, 2021
Corporate strategy analyst and IESE MBA. Preparing for MBB interview. Have done more than 70 cases prior preplounge

I am MBA graduate, and very interested with E.O.N Consulting since it is based in Germany and I am from energy sector.

Is the ECON only in-person event? I am currently based in Singapore. It would be nice if there is webinar info session to interact with current consultants

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Anna-Lena replied on Aug 06, 2021
E.ON Inhouse Consulting

Dear Rusdi,

thanks for your message and interest in ECON.

We also offer online events and webinars on a regular basis, please keep an eye on our website for the upcoming fall event opportunities:

If you have concrete questions on your entry from abroad, please do not hesitate to contact our recruiting colleagues via energize-your-career-econ[at]

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