US Citizen currently studying in EU, soon applying for firms in the US. How will my recruitment process be different?

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Anonymous A asked on Mar 11, 2019

I am a US citizen studying for my Masters (MSc in Business) in Europe. After finishing my degree (Spring 2020) I plan to return to the US. I will begin applying for various firms/offices later this year.

Does anyone have any experience with international hiring process? I have three key questions:

  1. How did the interviews work from a purely logistical perspective?
  2. Any recommendations on networking with consultants in offices that are quite far away (approx. 4000miles is probably too far for a quick trip to a Starbucks)
  3. How was your international experience received?
    • My University is well known in Europe but has less name recognition in the US than a standard Ivy League.
    • It is a 'target school' for some firms (although this phrase seems to have slightly different meanings in Europe than the US)
    • I also did a medium-term internship (6-months) at a Fortune 100 company as part of my degree program.

Apologies for the lengthy question.

Thank you!

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Can only answer the first one - they might do the first round in the local office / video conference at the office and invite you to visit the US office for the second round


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